Odysea Capucine Capers (198g)

Odysea Capucine Capers (198g)

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Capucine capers are soft speckled buds with a distinctive salty taste, wild-grown in Morocco and picked by hand.

Capers are pickled, unopened flower buds of the Capparis shrub plant that grows wild in abundance around the Mediterranean basin and an essential ingredient for the Mediterranean cuisine since ancient times.

These small, green buds have a fresh, pungent aroma and can lend sharp, slightly piquant and salty, flavours to many dishes and recipes.

Capers stand up to earthy flavours like lamb, whilst also elevating lighter fish, chicken or vegetable salads; they lend a burst of acidity to cheesy dishes and balance out sweetness too.

These Capucine capers are larger in size and make a perfect all-rounder for everyday cooking. Use them whole or chopped to garnish, as condiment, or to add to sauces & dressings.


Capers, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Salt.

Allergy Information: For allergens, see ingredients in CAPS.

Nutritional Information

Energy:116Kj/28Kcal, Fat:0.7g, of which saturates:0.2g, Carbohydrates:1.7g, of which sugars:<0.5g, Protein:2.0g, Salt:4.35g